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Career & Empowerment Coach

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Leslie is a Career & Empowerment Coach, author, speaker, and corporate trainer.

She helps high-achieving women go from surviving to thriving in their careers & reconnect with their JOY!

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Are you feeling burnt out and disconnected from your career? In my book, "4 Keys to Knowing When to Q.U.I.T.," I reveal the secrets to making an honest evaluation of your career's fulfillment beyond just collecting a paycheck. You'll discover how to reconnect with your career's purpose and find your JOY without having to quit your job.

I'm also proud to be the co-author of "Brave Women Stand." This powerful book is a guide to unlocking the 15 divine feminine laws of success for goddesses like you. Get ready to tap into your inner strengths and create the career and life you deserve.

Are you ready to transform your career, reclaim your joy, and stand in your power? Let's embark on this incredible journey together.

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Individual & Group Coaching

Are you a driven woman feeling stuck and overwhelmed in your career? It's time to reconnect with your career's purpose and rediscover your JOY! As a career coach, I specialize in working with women like you, providing individual and group coaching sessions. Together, we'll unlock your potential, navigate challenges, and create a fulfilling career that aligns with your passions. Get ready to reclaim your joy and thrive in your professional journey!

I've had the honor of speaking for esteemed organizations such as the Santa Clara County Probation Department, The Mentor Tutor Connection, The Girls' Middle School, and Mountain View High School. My speaking engagements are known for their captivating and impactful nature, as I weave together powerful stories, inspiring messages, and a touch of humor to move the audience. Get ready to be engaged, inspired, and motivated.



I have the pleasure of working with both profit and nonprofit corporations, including those in the world of Tech. I specialize in delivering impactful employee trainings that focus on promoting leadership, facilitating career advancement, fostering self-development, and boosting productivity. Whether you're looking to develop your leadership skills, advance your career, or enhance your team's performance, my tailored coaching programs will empower you to reach new heights of success.


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Together, let's unlock your full potential and create a thriving professional journey

Career & Empowerment Coach



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